Is SharePoint an Effective Intranet Solution for Your Organization?

We live in an era of innovation where everything is done online. Workplaces are transforming at a rapid pace. Nowadays, communication is facilitated by using systems, and employees collaborate via intranets. So, how do we choose the best intranet software for our organization? The answer is simple — it’s Microsoft SharePoint. With its unique features and reputation, SharePoint is a great choice for organizations that need real-time interactions and collaborations. SharePoint’s intranets are the most convenient and effective way to manage office intranets.

This article highlights the basic features of Microsoft SharePoint intranets and the reasons why enterprises require them.

What is SharePoint Intranet?

Microsoft introduced SharePoint as part of its DMS (Document Management System) implementation. With the platform, companies can now communicate and collaborate with one another through an easy-to-use interface.

The Key Benefits of SharePoint Intranets

SharePoint Intranet offers several benefits, but here are a few highlights:

  • The Microsoft SharePoint platform offers great usability and tools for creating effective intranet sites. As well as looking remarkable on any device, SharePoint lets users build fully-functional intranet pages without requiring them to learn complex coding or customizations.


  • With SharePoint, you can engage employees, manage projects, manage documents, secure your data, collaborate in real-time, etc. By implementing these features, businesses can increase their productivity, boost teamwork, and improve performance.


  • Microsoft SharePoint intranets are affordable, and they can be quickly deployed if you subscribe to Microsoft Office 365. By integrating Microsoft Office 365 with SharePoint, you no longer need to spend unnecessary money on complex and specialized intranet solutions.


SharePoint’s reputation as a reliable resource can be attributed to a number of factors:

SharePoint is one of the most reliable platforms due to its impressive features and outstanding user experience.

  • Microsoft Office 365 integration: Integration and connectivity between SharePoint and Microsoft’s Office 365 tools are excellent.


  • Scalability, flexibility, and customization: With SharePoint, no matter the size of the workforce, any business can leverage features like scalability, flexibility, and customization. Additionally, SharePoint offers a variety of custom features, such as a network, search, and real-time sharing.


  • Social Characteristics: SharePoint is not only popular, but it also offers many features, including the creation of profiles, declaring interests, and workplace details. SharePoint was previously only accessible within an enterprise. Now, it is also possible to communicate outside the organization, significantly increasing productivity. In addition, this software now permits communication outside the organization, significantly boosting productivity.

Wrapping Up

In comparison to other intranets, SharePoint intranets provide comprehensive features that are tailored to each business’s needs. So, get in touch with the best SharePoint implementation consultants at IPS Technology Services to accomplish all your business goals.

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