How to Save Money by taking your Desktop Applications to the Cloud

Can you deny the fact that cloud computing is the need of the hour? Organizations, irrespective of their sizes, have realized that cloud hosting has a number of benefits that cannot be ignored and the most important of this is avoiding excess cost. You can always buy new software to meet your requirements but that will be expensive and for an emerging organization, bearing such high cost may not be feasible. So, rather than installing one, why not run your applications in the cloud?

Here are some more reasons that can be considered, if you have decided to take your desktop application to cloud.

  • No installation- Remember the amount of time and effort you needed to employ only to download as well as install software. Now you can save your precious time because no installation is required with cloud. The application is rendered in the browser and it explores capabilities of the browser related to flash content rendering and CSS.
  • No configuration cost – If you need to run complex applications like graphic design, it becomes necessary to configure desktop to meet the necessity of high memory and processing speed. This undoubtedly will cost a lot. But with cloud applications, you can minimize it because heavy processing is handled by the service provider and you do not have to pay anything for configuration.
  • Software Updates – If you are using software in your desktop, regular updating is necessary to get the latest features. But that will definitely be a costly affair because you need to buy the new version. However, this is not the case with cloud application because the software is already updated by the application service provider.
  • Platform Independent – One of the advantages of desktop to cloud conversion for any application is its easy accessibility, irrespective of the platform. In case of desktop app, the developer needs to code for multiple platforms, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and other hardware. But cloud applications can run on various platforms. So, you save money once again!
  • Business friendly – Cloud computing makes it easy to maintain stringent delivery dates because your employee can work from anywhere – road, home, or any other corners. It is no longer needed to worry about bounce files via USB or email. There are various office cloud packages that make work easy and you can coordinate with your team even if you are away.

If you want to evade over-deployment in the near future, conversion of applications to cloud becomes significant. You do not have to plan for computing resources or any other additional cost for your organization. Cloud hosting gives you an opportunity to scale up or scale down according to demand. Finally, you pay only for those resources you consume. So, moving your application sounds not only important but affordable as well.


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