Guidelines for Converting Desktop to ASP.Net

Why do developers get more requirements to convert desktop sites to mobile?

It seems to be the era of smartphones and tablets. People prefer to get instant access to the internet and these devices serve the purpose. According to surveys, more than 80% of smartphone users surf on their devices majorly, rather than using desktops or laptops.

This has created a tough situation for desktop applications which don’t have their mobile versions. However a number of platforms have been used for providing matchless experience, in order to retain their need and popularity. Thus a lot of applications are being converted to a mobile version. This conversion is done with the help of platforms such as ASP.NET.

It is essential to understand about ASP.NET:

ASP.NET is the abbreviation for Active Server Pages .NET which is developed by Microsoft. This is used to create web technologies and also it is an indispensable part of .NET framework vision from Microsoft. ASP.NET is considered to be highly valuable for developers and programmers, since it is capable of building rich and dynamic websites along with applications. This is done with the use of languages like C# and VB.

One good thing about ASP.NET is that it isn’t limited to scripting but is extended to use of .NET languages as well, such as C#, VB, J# and more. It enables developers to build applications with the use of Visual Studio which is provided by Microsoft as a development tool. A complete server-side technology, ASP.NET is built on a runtime common language. This can be applied to any server of Windows for hosting websites and technologies which are based on ASP.NET.

Converting a desktop site with the help of ASP.NET:

It is suggested to take help from an expert or hire a developer, for desktop to others with ASP.NET conversion. Visual Studio is required for this purpose and one needs to go to File | New ASP.NET MVC 4 application, to find a Mobile and Internet Application template. A standard desktop site will have responsive features which will enable it to work on small screen devices, through the latter. With Mobile Application, a jQuery application will be enabled for tablets and smartphones.

Making it mobile with the help of an expert: As said before, seeking expert help will give the best results to you. In order to convert the desktop site to ASP.NET Mobile, a mobile template should be selected with jQuery mobile. The standard responsive internet application for desktop should be used for this as well.

Converting the desktop application to a web application using ASP.NET:

It isn’t possible to successfully convert a desktop application to web. With ASP.NET it may be possible to retain the look of the application and the function to some extent. However, with a number of other applications, the results are unpleasant. You can create views for the application from the beginning reusing the same logic for business.

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