Few Vital Things to Know About Active Server Pages

Gone are the days when each of the pages on a website needed to be updated manually. Nowadays, the ASP (Active Server Pages) allows dynamic website contents. In the earlier days, HTML (Hyper Link Test Protocol) was the standard language for the WWW (World Wide Web). It was easy and was really effective for the dial-up connections which were used for accessing the internet. With time, however, HTML grew old and the need for dynamic web contents occurred. Soon after, the broadband internet services came into existence. This opened up several possibilities for all new technologies which became boon for the web page creators. To bring an end to the static web page contents, the Microsoft Corporation created ASP. This is the reason why businesses of every kind these days are now accepting desktop to ASP .Net conversion for the betterment of the web related functionalities.

What Actually is ASP?

  • ASP takes advantage of VBScript (Visual Basic Scripting Edition), which is a scripting language developed by Microsoft and also it is compatible with HTML. VBScript is a great helping tool for the web programmers as it lets them make code snippets for the run time executions. VBScript is easy to learn as compared to other programming languages like PERL and C++.
  • ASP is powerful and it efficiently questions important databases like Microsoft Access. ASP is undoubtedly powerful but it is quite easy to learn. It even lets a novice deliver dynamic web contents as demanded by the visitors once he/she has learned it full.
  • ASP also makes use of a file extension but that is different from the HTML. ASP pages make use of .asp, whereas the HRML files have *.htm or *html for pointing out to the server that the webpage contains scripts. The embedded code in the ASP web page is sent to the web page visitor after it is being implemented on the server. This makes fast web page delivery possible as the code is actualized before it is sent to the visitors.

How Useful is ASP?

If we start discussing about the usefulness of ASP, it will not be possible to finish it within a single write-up! ASP is a very valuable invention of all times. To support this statement, here are two very simple examples. Firstly, these days, several websites sell the advertisement spaces for generating revenues. ASP comes with a built-in ad rotator and this lets the ads to get displayed every time when any ASP page is loaded on the web. This is useful because it lets the web page creators to consolidate the ads without doing any kind of programming. Another example which makes ASP superior is that it has a content rotator as well. It helps in keeping the web page views absolutely fresh by displaying different contents every time a visitor requests for an ASP page.

ASP is important for both amateurs as well as professionals. It has made the web related searches absolutely easy and refined and this is something which is very easy to learn and easier to execute.

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