Creating mobile apps with ASP.Net

With the mobile phone device becoming exceedingly popular more people are being driven towards mobile application development. Mobile application development has its share of difficulties that can be met with intelligent planning and knowledge.  These applications are touching many lives and are here to stay as more and more people are depending on these applications for their business. For ASP.NET developers mobile applications present a plethora of challenge.

What Should App Developers Look Out For

For developers working on ASP.Net, a couple of courses can be taken. The ASP.Net Compact Framework is a subset of ASP.Net Framework. This ASP.Net application software network works well for developing application for SmartPhone. Mobile Web development with ASP. NET 2.0 uses Visual Studio 2005 and 2.0 render a range of protocols which are adaptive to specific driver behaviours and browser types.

First overview

The document can be divided into four sections which help developers create better applications.

The first is an overview of the ASP.Net Mobile namespaces and how they can perform applications that render techniques such as identifying the browser on which the mobile device is running.

The lifecycle of the mobile application differs from the typical ASP.Net application. Most of the differences are attributed to the device operator specific operation.

A walkthrough on how mobile web based applications were built using visual studio 2005.

There are a vast number of Mobile Web Controls with which developers should be acquainted. Some of these like validation controls and are similar to those used in ASP.Net web applications. Others like Calendar and Textbox, are good but not as effective as ASP.Net Controls. There are some who still prefer SelectionList, combine several ASP.Net Web server controls altogether.

Second overview

For the second tutorial developing mobile applications like Compact Framework 2.0, focuses on the use of Visual Studio 2005 and the Compact Framework.

The documents deal with the following:

Various files associated with Compact Framework 2.0 and the use of smart device application template with Visual Studio 2005 for application development.

Mobile application developers could face a range of issues for the first time like CPU cycles, unpredictable network connectivity etc. The Namespaces within Compact Framework are extensively used.

The application is bound to SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition, which is the choice for compact Framework applications. This data type is supported by SQL Server 2005 Mobile.

The use of emulators is to test applications without actually possessing the device on which the application(s) will be running.

With these following overviews, a developer who has laid his hands on mobile app creation can get a   lead on what programmes should be followed to make the most adaptive app for users.

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