Cloud Technology is Taking Your Business to New Heights

The advancement in technology is playing an important role in our lives.  Businesses are being largely affected and are touching great heights as they are moving hand in hand with technology.  The Internet of Things has been predicted to save consumers and businesses a trillion dollar per year focusing on maintenance, services and consumable items. But how will you capitalise technology for business advancements and watch your company thrive?

Cloud Technology Increases Accessibility

Businesses are boosting their productivity with help from cloud technology. Most companies who are greatly relying on apps are organising their businesses with at least one of their apps in the cloud. The ability to work at will and convenience is prompting them to move from their desktop to cloud conversion. For improving collaboration with teammates, sending files and messages, the cloud technology proves to be most useful. Cloud technology creates accessibility from anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection. Tools like Google Drive, Dropbox Office 365 help in speeding up reaction time. They have low maintenance cost, streamline administrative tasks, provide secure data backup and a lot of other benefits that save both time and money.

Saving Huge Data in the Cloud

Recently as we learnt that Facebook has 2 million active users in a single month. This means that the site supports a huge customer data all stored in the cloud. This data is highly valuable to its business. Simple statistics such as preference, demographics, and thoughts on the brand prove to be invaluable for future decisions and business moves. Not just Facebook but all other social media sites follow these trends to understand their business better. Social media engagement boosts awareness. It helps businesses to keep up with competition and increase web traffic and also improve search ranking and conversion rates. Most companies are relying on Facebook to boost their business. Data handling is thus playing a major role in today’s world.

Role of Data Management

Businesses are heavily relying on data management companies who have a data driven insight and allows organisations to better serve and manage their customers. This data stored in the cloud helps companies to target, retarget and deeply analyse big data to possess more information on their customer base. According to Foster study, 50 percent of businesses now use data and analytics tool to analyse their existing customers and 48% use them to find new customers and 47 percent use them to develop new products and services. It is important therefore to track your data for the best analysis and growth of your business.

Cloud technology is a beneficial technology that is proving advantageous for business. In the current scenario depending on cloud technology and data management will help you take your business to unimaginable heights.

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