Common Tech Mistakes Made by Small Businesses & Their Solutions

Information technology is just another annoying chore for small and mid-sized businesses until they directly deal with IT solutions. You might be a small business owner who has an expert team to handle the product or service that you are selling but don’t have much resources or expertise to handle the technology department. Ignoring your IT needs and failing to dedicate enough time, money, or support to your technology department can lead to major disasters.

However, partnering with third-party technology consultancy service, you can not only avoid technical disasters but save yourself a lot of time, money and trouble which will contribute to the gradual improvement in your company’s financial health. Here we will discuss some of the most common mistakes committed by businesses that can easily be avoided by professional tech consultants.

  1. Depending on in-house/untrained employees:

Small businesses often decide not to invest in IT training to save money. This is a common practice yet a bad idea. Everyone in your company should have the knowledge of IT infrastructure otherwise, all your investments in IT will be a huge waste of time and money. Even after training, can you depend on your in-house team to handle all your IT needs with all-encompassing 24×7 support to keep your technology function properly? If you are a startup, it will be difficult for you to afford an in-house team and provide insurance, appraisal, and other benefits. IPSTS provides IT staffing along with custom application development services to help you with the implementation of technical support and resources suitable to your business requirements.

  1. Obsolete hardware:

Most SMEs find it very challenging to streamline the utilities of hardware components and software tools and leverage it accordingly. They often fail to stay up to date on the latest hardware while upgrading technology. Your software and hardware should be similarly dated otherwise even a stunning software will be useless without proper hardware to run it. IPSTS is a leading technology service provider who can help you stay ahead of the curve by making sure that your IT systems including both hardware and software, are compatible with the people you’ll be doing business with.

  1. Lack of data recovery plan:

The day is not far when data or information will act as currency. Companies now mostly rely on records and data, completely stored electronically. Tech consultants can help you with proper data recovery strategy to ensure the continued survival of the integrity of your data which is the most crucial factor today. Small businesses, especially are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks due to the lack of data protection and a backup plan. Make sure to utilize cloud storage services as well as physical hard-drive to back-up your files and documents.

  1. Ignoring cybersecurity:

Smaller companies are easier targets for cyber fraudsters as it is known that they don’t invest much in solid digital security. When bigger companies face troubles like data theft, compromised information or holding your business through digital kidnapping of your data, smaller companies should consider cybersecurity with utmost priority. Tech consultants can help you comply with all of the industry standards and steer clear of any untoward situation in the future with a well-strategized IT governance plan to mitigate potential risks.

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