Are You Making Any of These Common SEO Blunders?

Having a website that’s search-optimized in all areas is a fundamental element of any successful marketing strategy. SEO methods, however, need to evolve over time as users’ perspectives and search engine algorithms change. If your website isn’t on top of these changing trends, you may have costly mistakes on your website that a SEO service provider in Michigan can address for you.

Having the wrong keywords

A vital part of SEO is having keywords that you want your website to rank for. However, you need to choose the right ones. One common mistake people make in this area is failing to account for user and search-engine preferences in long-tail keywords. You might define your services or products in a specific way, but it’s important to remember that you need to know what words your customers may use to search for them. Keywords you may view as correct could be too generic or mean something else to your audience, leaving you optimizing the entirely wrong words.

Stuffing your keywords

Once you’ve identified some keywords, you may have thought that using those words in just about every sentence of your website content will boost your search ranking, but that couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, as your SEO service provider in Michigan will tell you, this could result in your website being treated as spam by the search engines, causing it to drop in the rankings.

Using content unrelated to your keywords

Another common error seen in SEO is the production of content that doesn’t relate to the keywords you’re using. While you want to rank for your keywords, you still need to focus your text on your related target topics. Major search engines, such as Google, want websites to give users the most relevant content for their chosen search terms. This means that if your content is not answering your users’ needs, it will not rank well.

This particular mistake is often the result of someone trying to stuff a few different topics into the same single piece of content, which usually results in low-quality work that’s there just for the sake of optimizing several keywords in one article or just including some specific keywords. The primary goal with content creation should be to make pieces that correspond to the need and questions of your target audience, and this includes the use of the right search terms.

Using unoriginal content

Using duplicate text was once common, but this is a practice that search engines now penalize your website for. You will find neither thin nor duplicate content work in today’s SEO space. Your website may be penalized and downgraded in the search results for duplicate or spam content, so focus on creating and posting fresh, original works.

Proper SEO tactics can boost your search rankings, while poor ones can cost you valuable search positions. Work with an SEO service provider in Michigan to help hit your SEO targets.

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