A Few Must-Have Attributes of a Professional SharePoint Consultant

When you plan to embrace SharePoint as a platform or technology that brings immense benefits for your organization, you need to take enough care in choosing the right professional. While the SharePoint Consultants in Southeast Michigan working for reputed organizations can be trusted, you must look for some specific attributes in them. Here is a list of some of these necessary skills.

Potential for Taking up Multiple Roles

A SharePoint consultant should be able to understand what’s under the hood and know how to optimize each part that makes up SharePoint even if they are not the ones doing it (database optimization, IIS caching, SSL, etc.). This requires the consultant to have worked in many roles with SharePoint and have also worked as a Windows administrator, SQL Server DBA or something similar.

Forward and Vocal

If your consultant is in a lead role he/she should be quick and convincing when it comes to making decisions about your SharePoint environment and the future of its health. They should suggest the right guidance and be able to back it up with research and experience.

Active in the SharePoint Community

A SharePoint consultant is a high-level position where the resource needs to be aware of the complications involved in the field. As such, he should be an active participant in communities and forums holding insightful discussions about trends in SharePoint. The more active he/she is, the better exposure he/she will be supposed to be having.

Considerable Work Experience

This is important for a few different reasons. The main reason is they learn very quickly how to work with many different clients and how to gauge how well the project is going. With most consulting companies they are placed on a client site and it’s up to them to speak up and tell the managers if something is wrong. This is a good trait for consultants to have.

Awareness of the Complexities of the Field

SharePoint is pretty complex. When you start developing custom features in Visual Studio and SharePoint designer, things get even more complex. It’s best to have a consultant who is hesitant to open Visual Studio than one that wants to solve every problem with a custom event handler or web part.

So, check for these qualities/attributes and make sure that you choose the right professional. Relying on a recognized organization offering comprehensive technological services significantly helps in this regard.

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