4 Custom Software Development Trends

Given how rapidly tech evolves, the last thing you want is custom software designed with the trends of five years ago in mind. Here are some of the newer trends emerging in the custom app space to consider as you explore your options for your new apps and software.

The Rise Of Open Source

Just ten years ago, you would not have seen much enthusiasm for open-source tech. Today, however, it’s estimated that more than 97 percent of all large businesses globally use some form of open-source software. Previously, this type of tech was seen as a sandbox for beginning software developers who wanted to try building apps for free. Now, giants such as Facebook and Google use open source software to run essential systems, and they are also a part of the growth and maintenance of developer communities that work to create and improve open-source tech.

The Cloud Is Expanding Its Reach

More and more of the world’s top companies are running core tech on the cloud. From infrastructure to platform, cloud computing continues to transform how companies use their software, and research shows that around three-fourths of businesses around the globe now have at least one element of their infrastructure on the cloud. With the long list of benefits it provides–including global availability, scale-on-demand and ease of access–look for cloud computing to become an even bigger part of the tech landscape for businesses and organizations going forward.

Security Is Becoming King

With the increase in the use of cloud computing and shift from on-premises applications to Internet-based counterparts, security is becoming a hot topic of conversation for everyone, from a small business to a custom application development company in Michigan. Security has to be a consideration now on every level, even when it comes to the smallest applications. Any sort of breach can be a disaster for your brand, your internal operations and even your budget.

Customers Are The Center Of The Bull’s-eye

Today, it’s not just the customer relations team or the sales department that needs to have the end-consumer perspective in mind. Even custom software develops its needs to have a work focus that is centered on the “customer-first” philosophy. The human behavior of a company’s target digital audience has to be modeled and then referred to when applications are being created. This is especially crucial for apps that involve recommendations, the user experience, and boosting brand loyalty overall. Any feedback systems a company has must get responses right to the core tech teams so they can use this feedback in every part of all implementations and programming logic they use to reach business goals.

The last thing you want is a new program built using the trends and standards of years ago. As you work on your custom app ideas and consider your needs, don’t forget to think about where tech is going now and not just where it stands today.

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