IPS Technology Services Wins Large Cloud-based ERP Application Development Project for the Test Lab Industry

TROY, Mich., January 5, 2019 —IPS Technology Services recently won a large cloud-based ERP application development project for a client in the Test Lab industry.

The project will include the development of an enterprise-wide and cloud-based ERP system, where all of the operational processes will be handled by the application. The application will execute a three-tier logic to handle business rules at the Corporate, Division and Department levels. Based on this, the client will be able to receive various combinations of test samples including environmental, chemical and more in both batch and individual sets.

After the system has received the test samples, it will take care of labeling them appropriately and making them available to test lab personnel for the documentation of results, report generation, billing, and operational decision making. The system will support Order Entry, Tracking, Billing, Compliance and Report Generation. IPS Technology Services will also integrate the system with other company functions, such as Human Resources, Marketing and Sales Commissions Calculations.

“We are very happy to have won this project in July, which is well underway this fall,” says IPS Technology Services president, Pradip Sengupta. “We just finished the first version of non-functional screens and completely re-designed the front to make it much more user friendly. While this cloud-based system will make our client more competitive and significantly increase revenue, it also places us in league with much larger IT players. With 35 developers and deep Application Development knowledge, we can handle any complicated business problem and deliver unsurpassed results.”

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About IPS Technology Services

IPS Technology Services provides end-to-end IT services. IPS develops custom applications using state of the art tools such as .Net, C#, VB, SaaS, SOA, Oracle, SQL Server, and/or by using third party software. IPS provides IT services in the following six areas:

1. IT Staffing (SharePoint, Oracle, Java, Dot Net, SQL Server, SAP, PM)
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3. Web based Enterprise and Mobile Application Development and Integration
4. Healthcare IT with EHR and Practice Management implementation
5. Engineering IT services
6. Website development, Digital Marketing, and Social Media

For more information on IPS Technology Services, please call 248-526-9000, send an email to info@ipstechnologyservices.com or click www.ipstechnologyservices.com.

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