IPS Technology Services Wins eParts Application Upgrade from $1B+ Tier 1 Auto Supplier

Troy– October 24, 2013 – IPS Technology Services was recently awarded a project to upgrade a 10+ year old electronic parts database application from a $1B+ global Tier 1 automotive supplier.

Currently IPS’ client uses a client server application to manage its parts database. This application was developed using Borland’s Delphi environment and Pascal. The user interface of this legacy application is cumbersome and non-intuitive. It uses 1990’s single threaded architecture with slow speed. It takes a substantial amount of time for its users to procure the useful information needed to perform their jobs and make important decisions. There is also an issue with the scarcity of resources as the client has only one developer with Borland Delphi and Pascal experience.
“It is a significant business risk for my client to continue to use this critical application and provide support to their clients; so they made a decision to upgrade,” says Pradip Sengupta, CEO of IPS Technology Services.

As the project kicks off next week, IPS will covert this application to a modern enterprise web-based technology such as ASP .Net 4.0 with C# and other required technology platforms. IPS will also integrate the new application with the client’s Oracle enterprise database. “The benefit will be significant,” says Sengupta, “The application will now be accessible worldwide and will have a much better user interface. It will also be faster and harbor much less risk for the client.”

About IPS Technology Services

IPS Technology Services provides end-to-end IT services to the Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) marketplace. IPS develops custom applications using state of the art tools such as .Net, C#, VB, SaaS, SOA, Oracle, SQL Server, and/or by using third party software. IPS provides IT services in the following six areas:

1. IT Staffing (SharePoint, Oracle, Java, Dot Net, SQL Server, SAP, PM)
2. Technology Consulting
3. Web based and Mobile Application Development and Integration
4. Healthcare IT with EHR and Practice Management implementation
5. Engineering IT services
6. Website development, Digital Marketing, and Social Media

For more information on IPS Technology Services, please call 248-526-9000 or click www.ipstechnologyservices.com.

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