IPS Technology Services Wins Custom Application Development Project

The client, a rapidly growing employee record reconciliation company based in Michigan required a custom application development company to replace a home built application and replace it with a more structured one which can be supported by a reputable software development company.   There was also another issue where the current provider of the existing software wanted to discontinue support.

They called IPS Technology Services to address this situation.

Under this contract, IPS will convert the current application from Access to more reliable SQL Server database platform with a Windows form interface.  IPS is currently working on refining the scope and developing a project plan with a kick off date of September 1, 2017.

IPS uses Microsoft Windows platform and ASP .Net and C# with SQL Server database as the platform to build this application.  The development effort will be around 6 months where a combination of Agile and Incremental Development Methodology was used to delivery.

Developing Enterprise end to end Web Based and Mobile Applications “quickly and cost effectively” is one of its core services that IPS Technology Services offers to clients. If you want a custom application to solve business problems, please feel free to contact IPS at info@ipstechnologyservices.com or 248-526-9000.

IPS Technology Services provides end-to-end IT services. IPS develops custom applications using state of the art tools such as .Net, C#, VB, SaaS, SOA, Oracle, SQL Server, and/or by using third party software. IPS provides IT services in the following six areas:

–   IT Staffing (SharePoint, Oracle, Java, Dot Net, SQL Server, SAP, PM, and BA)
–   Technology Consulting, SharePoint, Enterprise Architecture, Best Practices
–   Web based Enterprise and Mobile Application Development and Integration
–   Healthcare IT with EHR and Practice Management implementation
–   Engineering IT services
–   Website development, Digital Marketing, and Social Media

For more information on IPS Technology Services, please call 248-526-9000, send an email to info@ipstechnologyservices.com or click www.ipstechnologyservices.com.


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