IPS Technology Services Wins CRM and Sales Lead Tracking Application Development

IPS Technology Services wins a custom application development project from Sign-a-Rama to develop a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for a three-location Michigan based franchise headquartered in Madison Heights, MI. Sign-a-rama has approximately 3000 sales agents and 950 franchises across the United States and the world that make signs for their clients. The new CRM system being developed for the Michigan franchise has the potential to be used by all Sign-a-Rama stores provided some minor modifications are made.

Today, Sign-a-Rama sales agents at the Michigan based store follow a manual process to keep track of client activities. Due to lack of an appropriate tool it is challenging for the agents as well as the franchise owner to effectively keep track of sales leads and measure performances of the stores and their agents. Sign-a-rama management thinks that a significant portion of the leads are probably wasted due to failure in following up with potential clients or loss of critical data.

In order to address the above situation, IPS Technology Services has been contracted to develop a custom CRM application using which sales agents will enter client information and statuses of all sales leads as they go through the lead conversion process. In addition, the application will display graphs and charts as well as critical summary and detail reports on Executive dashboard so that management and employees can make informed decisions. The system will also generate agent performance, lead activity, turn-around time, and sales volume reports to help Sign-a-Rama enhance customer relationships, revenue growth, and lead conversion rate.

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