IPS Technology Services Completes CIO Advisory Services for a Portland, Oregon Test Lab

TROY– April 25, 2013 –IPS Technology Services completed a short project to provide Technology Consulting to a Portland, OR based Test Lab that was exposed to business risk due to the departure of its existing IT Infrastructure Support Supplier.

The testing Lab has a presence all over the United States, but they are based in Portland, Oregon. They provide drug and other tests required for background checks and tracking criminals who may be going through a probationary period. They also provide a number of other chemical tests required by law and for other purposes. Currently, all test results, reports, demographic and other patient information is generated by multiple test software packages and stored in a large 6 Terra Byte database in the client’s state of the art data center that uses a Storage Area Network (SAN) device. They were supposed to have their data backed up on a regular basis at an off-site location as well. Additionally, a small section of the database—primarily the results—is exchanged with recipient companies multiple times a day.

While the test lab had set up most of the processes and equipment appropriately, it was experiencing multiple issues with the quality of infrastructure services. Spot checks revealed that the data backups were not done based on the statement of work and there were issues related to new ftp setups. This is critical, since they use the setups to send test results to multiple clients several times a day.

As a part of its engagement, IPS Technology Services did a current situation analysis to identify all the gaps from two perspectives: 1) Contractual Obligations that the vendor had and 2) Existing gaps that might exist from the IT Best Practices viewpoint. Once the gaps were determined, IPS consultants developed a plan to implement the recommended solution. Additionally, IPS helped the client evaluate the current set up for the ftp sites and helped them add new clients for new file exchanges. As a part of the bigger picture, IPS Technology Services is currently developing a strategy to implement a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan to duplicate 6 TB of critical data in order to mitigate the risk if a catastrophic failure or natural disaster should occur.


About IPS Technology Services

IPS Technology Services provides end-to-end IT services to the Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) marketplace. IPS develops custom applications using state of the art tools such as .Net, C#, VB, SaaS, SOA, Oracle, SQL Server, and/or by using third party software. IPS provides IT services in the following six areas:

1. IT Staffing (SharePoint, Oracle, Java, Dot Net, SQL Server, SAP, PM)
2. CIO Services and Technology Consulting
3. Web based and Mobile Application Development and Integration
4. Healthcare IT with EHR and Practice Management implementation
5. Engineering IT services
6. Website development and Digital Marketing

For more information on IPS Technology Services, please call 248-526-9000 or click www.ipstechnologyservices.com.

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