What SharePoint Can Do For Your Business?

SharePoint is quickly becoming a gold standard in many businesses. This web application platform and framework integrates document management services, content management, intranet and other offerings. It also has an interface that is similar to Microsoft Office and is closely integrated with the Office product suite for user familiarity, ease of use and compatibility with the most commonly-used business systems of today.

As with many other tech innovations, SharePoint provides the best results when everyone who is using it has the knowledge and skills required to take full advantage of its capabilities. With SharePoint consulting in Southeast Michigan, you and your team will learn how to make full use of this platform and reap all of its rewards.

Simplifies your business activities

This out-of-the-box workflow for reporting, tracking and collaboration can transform how your business handles things such as project management and document review. These features can also be integrated into email clients, web browsers and other applications for a smooth, consistent user experience.

Connects employees with information

On SharePoint, there is an “Enterprise Search” feature that incorporates data from your business along with information on people and documents within your organization. Instead of having to search through various systems or contact other people for data, your staff will be able to get the information they need in an instant. 

You can also give employees access to interactive Office documents and spreadsheets right from their web browsers and in real time. With this benefit, your staff will be able to keep and share a sole, fully up-to-date version of a document while still protecting any proprietary information. 

Speeds up shared business processes

Without having to create any custom applications, you can use electronic forms to collect business information from suppliers, partners and customers through a web browser. With built-in validation, you’ll be able to gather consistent and accurate data that can be directly integrated into your back-end systems to avoid the errors that can arise from manually re-entering data.

Ensures employee decisions are data-driven

Decisions driven by data are what all organizations strive for as these are the most fully-informed choices employees can make. With SharePoint, it becomes easier for your employees to make decisions based largely on current, relevant data. You are able to create live, interactive portals that have vital business data from various sources. This data can be configured in multiple ways–such as scorecards and dashboards–and will show your staff the key performance indicators that are vital to the health of your business.

SharePoint is a business tool that is making it easier than ever before for organizations to manage and share data. Even if your organization is already using this platform, the experience will be elevated to the next level when you engage SharePoint consulting in Southeast Michigan. Once you and your staff have the knowledge necessary to use this platform to its full capacity, you will be able to take full advantage of everything it has to offer.

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