Using IT Staff Augmentation to Help Your Business Thrive

Deciding to augment your staff is a process, and some steps need to be taken before you consider hiring outside help to supplement your existing staff. However, once you make the decision to do so, your business can thrive – with the right hiring choices. Using staffing services allows a company to make use of skills and abilities that their current staff may not have in their skill set and complete special projects and objectives that will expand their business without adding significantly to their overhead.

Making the Decision

The decision to augment your existing staff often comes with the iteration of a new project or objective that requires skill sets that your current workforce does not possess. After making the decision to add outside staff via an agency, you will need to determine how long you will likely need their services. Choosing to use ancillary staff who are not classified as employees has become more common when companies require additional or niche skills, particularly in IT.

When a project, objective, or goal comes onto the horizon that is outside of the normal business processes, staff augmentation is a natural choice for filling in the gap in skills that are available to complete the mission. By using resources in this way, companies can complete these high-level objectives that will move their business forward efficiently and expediently.

Evaluation of Current Staff

Evaluation of the current staff is required prior to choosing what services you wish to outsource. This should involve not only evaluating the current positions that exist, but also speaking with the individual employees and learning what additional skills or assets they bring to the table that may not currently be used effectively. Once this step has been completed, evaluating existing skill sets against the upcoming project to determine where gaps occur and what specific skills are needed will allow you to begin the outsourcing process and review potential candidates to work with.

This evaluation of the current staff will allow you to see where staff augmentation will be able to provide the most opportunity for growth and development for the company, as well as where additional training may be needed for existing staff in order to bring the target objective or process to completion.

Using Staff Augmentation for Growth

IT staff augmentation most often occurs when objectives have been set to propel the company forward. It is the incorporation of these additional individuals or services that will help the company thrive and move forward. Particularly in IT, there are many niche skills that are best outsourced as they are needed most on specific projects or plans rather than day-to-day operations. By using staff augmentation, companies can save money while having access to these valuable resources.

Company growth is a process that often requires thinking outside the box. Using specialized skill sets via IT staff augmentation is a great way to obtain those skills without hindering the current workforce or adding unnecessary overhead.

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