The Importance of Desktop to Conversion Has Never Been Higher

In world where the mobile technology is dominating the IT space and a major portion of the global communication is based on the same, the importance of having website that is fit for the mobile platform cannot be emphasized any better. Today more than half the population of the world uses Smartphone and two-thirds of the entire population is mobile users. The Internet has seen a major boom and over half of the total traffic handled by the Internet originated from mobile devices. The internet connectivity has also become highly advanced with over half the mobile phone users now having access to broadband network for Internet access. The figure will be growing at a faster rate in the coming years and unless a business adapts to this, the business is going to be the loser.

Websites are a must for business

Websites have become an integral part of any business operation. There is no better way to reach out to prospective clients than having a business website. However, gone are the days when only having a website meant success in business. Today, in the age of cut-throat competition, it is mandatory to have websites that will help your business stand out among the crowd. The website will rope in contacts and help increase business.

A smarter world needs smarter websites

The devices interacting with the Internet has become smarter. As of January, 2017, the total Internet users stand at 3.773 Billion, which is approximately 50% of the world population. The total number of mobile users is 4.917 Billion, which is 66% penetration. While not all of them are interacting with the Internet via mobile phones, the number is growing at an astounding rate. This brings us to the need of having websites that are both computer friendly as well as mobile friendly.

In today’s smarter world people are becoming smarter and time is becoming limited. This has given rise to the connect of having an application to take care of every needs. While creating a mobile application for every business is certainly a humongous task and not always the economically viable solution, there is a smarter and better solution at hand.

Converting desktop sites to applications

The task of converting an existing website to application is certainly not an easy task. However, with the help of it is possible to make the transition without having to pay for building a completely new standalone web application. allows converting the entire desktop site to mobile application, even though the process is a little tedious.

Besides dedicated mobile applications, web applications are the most preferred option for providing exciting and easy user experience. Whether a person accesses the website from the mobile or the desktop, a web application makes life a lot easier and offers superior functionality without creating major issues. And, is certainly the tool you will prefer to perform the job.

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