Primary Reasons to Go for Desktop to Asp.Net Conversion

Comparing two distinctly different programming languages is necessarily not feasible. However, ASP.NET scores very high as compared to the competing platforms and that certainly calls for the immense popularity of the same. That said, the fact that any platform continues to exist and is used by people in the field of IT, means it has at least some features, which cannot be availed using similar other services. So, why do most developers choose Desktop to ASP.NET conversion for application development?

HTML5 Support and Web API

The new versions of ASP.NET from version 4.5 onwards provide developers with enhanced support for various form types specific to HTML5 such as color, search, date pickers, range, number, URL etc. The enhanced support is extended to the availability of Web API along with the standard ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC 4 package. At the very least, the Web API aids developers in simply building Web-based services/applications, while users find it easier to use online resources, while using the applications.

Security Provided By HTML5 Web Sockets and OpenID Support

From version 4.5 onwards, developers can access advanced security features including HTML5 Web Sockets. By using Web Sockets, developers can ensure duplex communication between the web server and the client’s browser. It is also possible to leverage the feature, while designing Web applications.

Unique Model Binding Properties and Value Providers

New versions of the framework feature unique model binding properties, which allow developers to isolate specific web forms from the model and/or binding them according to the user’s requirements. This feature aids the development of Webforms independently from the model as well as unit testing each form separately. The new-age Value Providers featured in recent.NET versions helps developers easily filter large data sets by using commands such as control value, cookie, session, query string, etc.

Bundling and Minimization of Operations

This is one of the new features in.NET 4.5, which is designed to minimize and bundle the size of style sheets and scripts utilized while developing an application. This feature improves the overall efficacy of the application by ensuring that the codes are easy to read, which helps minimize as well as resolves coding errors. The features are easily noticeable in a new project by viewing the coding of the Global. asax file. The factors discussed here barely scratch the surface, but hopefully they would help you understand why ASP.NET continues to dominate such a competitive market.

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