How to Increase User Engagement for Your Mobile App?

User acquisition is an important part of developing and growing your app, but leaving them alone once you have acquired them is a grave error. User acquisition is only the beginning of the path to conversion — they’re just getting started. The roundtable discussions included a question about where attendees are most interested in the mobile growth funnel.

The most popular answer is engagement, since it leads to better customer retention. The following guide outlines how to increase mobile app engagement to keep users engaged. Let’s find out:

What is Engagement? What are the measures used to evaluate its success?

Engagement is the process of getting your users to return to your app to perform something you deem important, like ordering an item. User engagement can be measured by the actions they performed, the time spent in the app, and their frequency of returning.

There are countless metrics that can be used to measure engagement, such as views, clicks, likes, comments, subscribers, session length, frequency of visits, time spent in the app, number of active users, and lifetime value.

You can improve your app’s user engagement by following these six tips:

●      Ensure a perfect and customized onboarding process

The onboarding process leaves your users with a first impression. The first screen in your app is one of the most significant opportunities to woo, impress, and ultimately win over your users so that they keep both interacting with it and using it. Website users form their opinions about a site within fifty milliseconds; the same holds true for mobile application users.

Follow these tips for an impressive onboarding experience:

  • Showcase your app’s strengths from the beginning.
  • The key features should be highlighted first.

●      Your Push Notifications should be perfect

For effective push notifications, provide value and relevant content to the user. You can customize push notification messages based on user data, behavior, and interests. This will help you increase relevance and value to your users.

Another way to customize pushes is to send location-based, geotagged notifications. This means that users can utilize promotions based on their current location or their neighborhood.

●      Engage multiple channels

Ensure that your existing customers can download your app via all channels. Ensure that your existing customers can download your app via all channels. You should include instructions on your website, your mobile app, in emails, and on social media, where giants like Twitter and Instagram cannot be ignored.

●      In-app messaging should be used wisely

In-app messaging enables users to view their significant promotions and messages regularly. However, it is necessary to optimize this practice in order not to disrupt the user. 


To drive greater engagement, these strategies should be considered in the context of what makes an app great. To achieve your KPIs, make sure users keep coming back to your app, whether you are looking to increase lifetime value, revenue, monthly active users, or simply how long they spend in the app. IPS Technology Solutions can help you to achieve your user engagement goals. So, associate with our expert IT application development team for outstanding results.

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