Choosing Your Tech Stack

Before your developers write any code, you need to decide on your app’s tech stake. This is no simple task, especially if you don’t have a tech background. There is more than option, and going with the wrong one could have some negative consequences.

A tech stack is a technology set used to build a mobile or web app. It’s a combination of servers, patterns, frameworks, programming languages and more tools used by a developer. To narrow down your tech stack options quickly, here’s what to consider.

Your personal requirements

Choose technology based on the issue you’re trying to tackle. Some things work better in one programming language than another. Apps should be built with the needs of your users in mind. Consider who will be using your app and how you can give them great performance and a stellar user experience. Of course, you won’t spend a ton of time and money if your user base is small, but once you hit a threshold of a certain size, it’s time to think about performance.

The project scope

A small-scale project is generally faster to deliver and does not always require the use of advanced frameworks and tech in its development. You might need to build a viable product with the bare minimum fast so you can provide it to customers and get feedback. Simple tools and an open-source platform, for example, might help you reach that goal.

There is far more technological involvement for a midsize project. Depending on the requirements involved, these types of projects might need a combination of frameworks and programming languages.

Massive projects, such as major social networks and online marketplaces, are developed with multiple frameworks and programming languages, along with integrations and security. For these, the tech stack has to have a high level.

The need for scalability

If you are planning for rapid growth, keep that in mind when choosing your stack. You will need a tech stack that has the potential to scale sufficiently for what you have in mind, and not all stacks will have this potential. You can scale vertically by having your software development services in Michigan add features to your app, or you can scale horizontally by adding more processing units or machines to your server.

Different types of web and mobile apps will require different types of development tools. To that end, keep in mind there is no one uniform “perfect” tech stack. When you are considering your tech stack options for app development, you’ll need to first rely on your project requirements. Sometimes, the time-proven technologies will simply not be enough, and you will need to understand the pros and cons of each. Work with an experienced development team, as they will help you identify your project requirements and suggest the tools you need to get there on time and within your budget.

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