5 IOS App Development Trends from 2017

Another year is about to end and the new year will usher in with the hope of leveraging the cutting-edge technologies of 2017 and welcoming some more technological innovations. Let’s look back at 5 top iOS mobile app development trends from 2017 that have pushed the limits of innovation and automation and will be trending even in the upcoming year.

 1. iBeacon & GPS tech

iBeacon tech is the latest addition to the iOS domain. It has simplified the marketing endeavors and helps in reaching out to the right target audience. The use of GPS technology has been incorporated in many other small to medium businesses to cater to the consumers per their location.

 2. Virtual Reality  

Virtual Reality (VR) technology has stood in a good stead for a lot of businesses in 2016-17. After the success of popular VR games like Roller coaster VR, Zombie Shooter VR, Oculus Rift, Pokémon Go!, and so many others, iOS application development companies have joined the bandwagon of making cutting-edge VR creations.

 3. Cloud technology

The millennials are always scrolling through their little device every now and then and they depend on it for all of their communication and transaction needs. Apple has always been very concerned about the security of the iphone users, and they have been continuously improvising on this area. With cloud integration, storage and security has been improvised by leaps and bounds.

 4. Internet of Things (IOT) Apps

Like a lot of established enterprises, Apple has also acknowledged the benefits of Internet Of Things (IOT) applications. This has enabled the iOS app developers to create value added apps and configuring inter-connected smart devices by enlisting help from Apple tools.

 5. Swift programming language

Yet another state-of-the-art creation from the house of Apple, Swift is an open source programming language created for iOS, tvOS, and macOS. Swift programming language has simplified the work processes of iOS app developers to a large extent. Enhanced Dictionary and Set types creation, exclusive access to memory, and many other essential features have been made from Swift framework.

Later this year, the world has witnessed multiple innovative app launches from Apple and these are going to be incorporated in the coming years. For instance, ARKit runs on the Apple A9, A10, and A11 processors that help to deliver engaging and innovative virtual content. iOS 11 was also launched which allows display of all the notifications on the lock screen.

As the number of iPhone users is increasing with every passing day, choosing the right iOS application development company has become the need of the hour. The enterprises need to make sure the app developers follow these latest trends to create the perfect iOS app aligned with their business.

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