Utilizing IT engineering services for competitive advantage

Information technology changes and evolves all the time. Our engineering IT services help our clients to leverage the technologies for efficiency and competitive advantage. No organization can succeed today without access to the right IT solutions. Our engineering clients are experts in engineering; they don’t want to develop IT expertise but they do need to maximize productivity and gain operational advantage through expertly developed and deployed systems.

Value-add IT solutions

Any IT solution must add genuine, measurable value to the organization. In the competitive and highly complex engineering industries, this is particularly important. Many of our clients’ businesses rely on systems right at the center of their production processes. From JIT materials management through to CAD / CAM / CAE or bespoke engineering systems, IT is a core component. Systems must be reliable, scalable and fully integrated. They must deliver a seamless, coherent solution in every area of the organization.

Some clients require extensions or customizations to existing systems, often ERP or DRP. These vary in scope from simple component-to-component integration through to major systems integration projects. Others need entire custom applications to serve a specific industry or a niche market. Our team’s expertise in systems integration is valuable where there are large, complex, pre-existing system components.

IPS Technology Services takes a flexible and personalized approach to each engineering client. From initial consultancy through development, deployment and on to support, every client requirement is different and our solutions are shaped around those requirements. We can work with your C-suite to develop IT and digital transformation strategies or we can work on individualized project components requiring additional specialized resourcing.

Delivering IT-driven advantage in engineering

IPS Technology Services works closely with our clients’ teams to understand requirements and to translate these into reliable, state-of-the-art systems. The dependable, scalable IT infrastructure we deliver for clients in the engineering industries varies according to individual company requirements. Examples have included product data management, supply chain, ERP, DRP, engineering systems, CAD/CAM, ICRM and integrated product management.

Our expert engineering IT services in Michigan are based on many years of experience from a team which recognizes the complexities of the modern engineering environment. Our uniquely flexible approach and expertise ensure that our clients achieve the best possible return on investment in their IT systems.

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