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IPS Technology Services is announcing the release of Fabulous, an enterprise wide Client Relationship Management integrated with Inventory Control and Order Tracking for the sales agents of one of the largest cosmetics manufacturers. Using this application the agents will be able to manage their orders and customer relationships more effectively and improve operational efficiency. Click here to see the home page.

Over the last two years, IPS Technology Services has developed two products based on the requirements of its SMB clients. The first one, called HRIPS, is geared towards meeting the needs of a Human Resource department and the second one, called AMIPS, is for an independent Insurance Agent.

HRIPS, Human Resource Integrated Productivity Systems, is a no-frill application for the HR department that helps eliminate paperwork. It has two major modules: Applicant Tracking and Employee Tracking. The Applicant Tracking module is used to record candidates in the application database and capture all hiring related transactions. The application follows a predefined workflow for the hiring process which could be easily customized for a specific client. . The Employee Tracking module is used to record all HR transactions that may take place for a given employee.The system also produces various reports with drill-down capability within a given data range and other criteria helping the user to manage the department more effectively. The transactions are captured in the following areas:

  • HR Administration
  • Internal Recruitment and Staffing
  • Pay and Compensation
  • Benefit Administration
  • Training Development and Performance Management
  • Safety and Worker’s Compensation

AMIPS, Agency Management Integrated Productivity Systems, has been developed for an independent insurance agent to prepare a portfolio of Benefits for a client and launch a program very quickly and efficiently. This system allows an agent to create a client and “assign” a Benefit Package by picking and choosing from a variety of plans such as Medical, Dental, STD, LTD, Supplemental Term Life, Voluntary Term Life, Buy Up Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability programs. Once a client is configured, the system is already launched and “enrollment” can begin through the web. The system also supports two critical events: COBRA Termination event and Status Change events. It also can generate simple but effective reports which help real time and accurate decision making. In summary, this software has the following features which can be customized very easily to fit to a client’s business needs.

  • Client Configurator
  • Enrollment
  • Termination COBRA
  • Status Change
  • Reports with drill down capabilities

The first year license of either product is FREE. Please send us an Email at info@ipstechnologyservices.com or call us at 248-526-9000.

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