Outsourcing Healthcare IT Services

Healthcare IT services are critical for the industry as it faces growing pressure on productivity and resource utilization. IPS Technology Services is a leading specialist in healthcare IT services in Michigan. We provide EHR implementation and a wide range of other services to health care centers and physicians.

Productivity targets are increasing and they require fully integrated EHRs and IT systems. There are many specialized factors in healthcare, with confidentiality and the protection of sensitive patient data being a leading priority for clients in the healthcare industries. With so many high profile cyber attacks and data breaches, it is essential that any systems are professionally developed and deployed and that they utilize world-class security.

IT Services in Healthcare

Choosing the right healthcare IT service provider is one of the most important decisions for a health center or physician. The provider must have proven experience in healthcare and the expertise and flexibility to deliver the custom services that you require.

IPS Technology is an experienced healthcare IT consulting business. We assist clients in the medical industry to identify and implement time-saving IT solutions, optimize efficiencies and reduce wastage throughout the service delivery process. We help our clients to utilize system functionalities including electronic test dispatch, automatic schedule reminders, ePrescription, eScheduling, billing and much more.

EHR Solutions

Electronic health records are essential to maintain accuracy and efficiency in an increasingly technological world. However, implementing them can be complex and time-consuming for many health practices. As expert healthcare IT service providers, we work with clients to ensure that they can fully exploit the value of EHRs, integrating the key elements of patient care and billing into a fully integrated, efficient process, often across multiple systems and locations.

Full Range of Healthcare IT Solutions

Most of our healthcare clients require solutions that go beyond EHR. We provide a comprehensive range of services from strategy and consultancy through to full IT systems development and systems integration. Some clients ask us to help them improve their existing systems to achieve efficiencies.

IPS Technology Services works closely with clients to ensure that they achieve the best possible return on their investment in healthcare IT systems. From physician practices through to health care centers, our clients rely on us as a trusted technology advisor throughout their digital transformation journey.

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