Bodybuilders always have a small penis

Many of us have heard that bodybuilders have a penis much smaller than the average. This myth occurs because some of the bodybuilders buy prescription drugs from pharmacy website and use chemistry, anabolic steroids, which affect the hormonal system, and therefore, according to many, and the size of the penis. This is a misconception: the use of steroids does not affect the size of the genitals, but it can affect the libido.

The length of the male organ depends on race: myths about Asians and Africans.

This myth has been cultivated for centuries, and especially it became popular when Japanese pornography appeared, where the male half possessed very modest sizes. In fact, there are some physiological features of the body structure in men of different nationalities, but it has no direct effect on the size of certain parts of it. Consequently, tall and handsome Asians can also have “dignity” of impressive size, and dark-skinned people with a small height may not have outstanding features of the body. By and large, both have an average penis size, the same as Europeans.

Self-satisfaction affects size

In this context, the opinions of many scientists are divided. Some believe that shyness in adolescence leads to the fact that the sexual organ does not develop normally and remains “at the level of an eight-year-old boy” due to the uneven consumption of hormones. And that, of course, is stupid. Yes, lack of hormones can lead to a decrease in the growth rate of the sexual organ so you have to purchase generics from trusted online pharmacy, but this is due in most cases to various diseases, rather than self-satisfaction. The second says that masturbation only has a beneficial effect on the development of sexual characteristics. The main argument is that masturbation improves circulation in the same organs and affects their increase in size. The conclusion is simple: onanism will not affect the size of the sexual organ.

The size can be determined by the length of the nose, fingers, or feet.

Numerous studies of scientists from around the world have proved that there is no correlation between the size of the nose, palm, foot (and anything) with the size of the penis. There’s nothing to add.

Miracle tools to increase the size of the sexual organ: truth or lie

There are quite common myths that some ancient Chinese/Indian/Japanese scientists have created an effective ointment, with which you can increase your “male pride” by a few centimeters (depending on the original size). So, there are no magic tools that increase the size of the penis.

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